Can You Use Dental Membership Plans To Grow Your Practice And Stay In Control Of Your Business?

You can now, and here's how!
 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Growing A Successful Dental Practice Requires Great Dentists And Even Better Marketing!

Attracting and retaining patients is always a struggle for any independent dental practice.

Let's face it: most people put off their trip to the dentist for as long as possible.

In fact, 61% of people purposely put off their dentist appointment, despite all the reminders we send them.

Even the best dentists have patients who drop off the radar. But why?

Well, a recent survey confirmed what you're probably already seeing in your practice:
  • 59% of people avoid the dentist because it's too expensive
  • ​33% of people avoid their appointments because they don't have insurance
  • ​44% of people report feeling too anxious or afraid of the dentist
As a professional, you already do everything you can to reduce dental anxiety and help make every patient experience as smooth and pain-free as possible, of course…

But what if you could also offer those patients a solution to their financial barriers to dental health and, in turn, retain those patients?

What would that do for the growth of your practice? And for the health of your patients?
Now you can find out with The Eight Figure Practice from iProv!

Increase Your Revenue, 
Not Your Stress!

Your patients without insurance or large savings can still smile with access to a dental wellness club unique to your practice.

By offering your patients a cost-effective and simple subscription-based solution to big insurance, you do the following simultaneously and in only 3 easy steps:
  • Remove patient barriers to care
  • Increase your revenue
  • Get an unparalleled marketing tool

Step 1: Create Your Club

For a flat monthly fee, not only will we create a club customized to the needs of your practice and individually recognizable to your brand, but we’ll also promote and manage your club so you can focus on caring for your patients.

Step 2: Gather Members

Patient sign-up!

With our professional marketing and promotion of your club, finding and signing new patients is easy.

And the good news?

Well, unlike other dental plan programs, we don't charge a commission!

Having just 17 patients signed up for your club is enough to cover your monthly flat fee. Everything after that is profit for your practice.

Step 3: Grow

Prepare for growth!

Once your individual dental Wellness Club is up and running, you can expect increased monthly revenue and a long patient list.

With continuing expert promotion by us, your business will continue to grow!

Book a demo call today and learn how a dental wellness club is the best strategy for your practice and your patients.

Running A Successful Dental Practice Is

30% Patient Care, 60% Marketing And Business Operations, And 10% Reminding People To Floss!
As a dental professional, your patients' oral health and well-being are your top priority. It's what you're trained to do, and it's what you're good at! But how good are you with your marketing strategy?

As a practice owner, you know that marketing is key to growing your business.

You've even identified costs as one of the largest barriers to acquiring and retaining patients, but you're unsure what to do about it.
You're not alone…

67% of small business owners report facing marketing challenges. But there is still good news:
You don't need to be a great dentist and a marketing mastermind for your practice to be successful!
By offering your patients membership to your own dental wellness club, you're offering them an easy and cost-effective alternative to the big insurance companies.

Not only can you make oral health more accessible to all your patients, but you'll also get the best branding and marketing tool available with expert promotion done for you by the experts at iProv.

Why Offering Your Patients Membership To a Dental Wellness Club Is The Best Marketing Strategy For Your Practice

Increase patient retention and recommendations

Fear of the unknown has a huge effect on patient anxiety. With clear treatment plans and a great dental plan, patients know what to expect from their appointment and bill.
They're more likely to return for treatment and much more likely to recommend your practice to friends and family.

Make oral health care more affordable and accessible to more patients

Your patients' oral health is your top priority; it's what makes you a great dentist.
A dental plan removes the financial barriers some patients face when seeking the care they need and promotes proactive oral healthcare.

It's a long-term marketing solution

Once set up, a dental plan is a structured, official long-term solution that requires very little maintenance from the practice.
Well-defined dental plans with consistent patient benefits encourage long-term patient loyalty in your practice while ongoing marketing from iProv continues to reach more potential patients monthly.

Increase your revenue and make it consistent

Subscription-based dental plans don't just generate loyal patients more likely to get the care they need.
They also increase your practice's consistent revenue as members pay whether they book an appointment or not!

Make your practice stand out

By defining your practice as one that works for your patients and not just their insurance, your brand and practice stand out from traditional dental services.
Your practice can continue to grow with continued expert monthly promotion and marketing from us.

Take the first step 

Take the first step 

Take the first step to a brighter future and brighter smiles today by booking a call with one of our experts.

Discover how a unique dental plan service from Eight Figure Practice by iProv can benefit your patients and your practice!


We'll produce marketing materials branded with your selected plan name, logo and colors. We'll provide:

  • A Dental Wellness Club website including the ability to collect payment online
  • ​Marketing material designs including promotional posters and brochures
  • ​Document templates for renewals and membership ID cards
  • ​A custom badge for your website promoting your Dental Wellness Club
  • ​Online advertising that grows your brand and sells memberships
  • ​A monthly marketing report

Offering A Dental Plan Is Great For Your Patients, But Is It Always The Best Way To Build Your Practice? 

Not All Dental Membership Plans Are Built Equal…

You're a medical professional, not an insurance salesman…

So don't let your membership plan provider treat you like one.

Most dental plans are great for patients. They remove the financial barriers to professional care and reduce stress.
Not all plans, however, are equal in the opportunities they offer individual dental practices.

In fact, many focus more on the sale of the plan than the service offered to practices and patients, giving dentists the additional role of dental plan salesman, reducing the time they have available to actually focus on their patients.

So, how do you ensure you choose the right provider for your practice?


Choose a provider that charges based on commission

Many traditional dental plan providers charge what seems like a small setup fee followed by a commission on each monthly subscription your patients pay.

While this might seem like an attractive option as a small practice, as your patient list and subscribers grow, so does that commission.

The more successful your practice, the more that commission eats into your profits, limiting your growth.

Choose a provider that holds your patient list hostage

You might ask yourself why practices that have started using commission-based services as small businesses don't simply leave the service when they grow.

Well, they often can't! The same traditional model that uses commission-based monthly subscriptions ensures loyalty with one very simple yet vital asset.

Practices using their services don't own their patient lists. So if they leave the service, they risk losing all the patients they've acquired through that specific program.

Choose a provider that excludes vital marketing

You don't need any marketing know-how to provide the info structure needed to create, build and maintain a subscription-based service. But to build and maintain a successful subscription-based service, you do.

Some services provide initial marketing, and others only provide the materials, leaving promotion up to you.

Neither is good enough. Whatever provider you choose, choose one with the skills and experience to provide expert and ongoing promotion to keep your business growing.


Choose a provider that doesn't charge for your success

At the Eight Figure Practice by iProv, we charge a flat fee for our services that doesn't increase as your business grows.

This means you're free to enjoy the fruits of your labor and increase your business without any limitations from us.

Choose a provider confident in their abilities and accountable for their services

A provider that's confident in their service is a provider that doesn't need to lock you in.

With Eight Figure Practice by iProv, you own your patient list. That means if you're unhappy with our services, you can leave without risking losing all your patients.

But we're confident you won't because we do everything possible to create a quality service and experience for all the practices that sign up with us!

Choose a provider with the skills and experience to provide expert marketing

With an extensive background in sales and marketing, our team members at iProv are experts at building high-performance businesses.

The dental wellness club doesn't just offer ongoing monthly promotions to keep your business growing as part of your flat monthly fee.

Those promotions are designed, organized and targeted by professionals in the field to ensure they hit the mark and outperform all others.

Choose a provider that values your individual practice and brand

Many subscription service providers offer customized plans and websites, but Eight Figure Practice by iProv offers individual design consulting for your Dental Wellness Club.

Your practice and your brand are at the center of your unique club design to increase brand awareness and engagement through the use of your Wellness Club, as well as expert promotion

Choose Eight Figure Practice by iProv

Your future should be as bright as your patient's smiles…
And it can be with your own dental wellness club.

Patient Benefits

 Accessible care
Patients no longer need to rely on big insurance companies or their savings to get the care they need.
 Reduced anxiety
Patients know what to expect regarding the cost of their treatment plan for a smooth and stress-free procedure.
 Practitioners they know and trust
Patients build a relationship with their dentist over time, further building trust and reducing anxiety.
 Better oral health
Patients have an added incentive to be proactive about their oral health.

Practice Benefits

 Better patient rating
Lower prices, more transparency, and less stress lead to higher patient ratings which, in turn, leads to more patients.
 Increased referrals
Happy patients are more likely to refer their friends and family to clinics with consistent and structured programs.
 No limit to growth
Our flat fee model means we don't charge you extra for succeeding.
 Expert marketing
Our team of experienced marketing and sales professionals at iProv provides ongoing monthly promotions that work to keep your business growing.
 You stay in control
Your patient list is exactly that — yours!
 Brand positioning
We focus on creating and promoting a wellness club that reflects your brand values to create an individual brand awareness unavailable elsewhere.
 Reliable income
Patient subscriptions mean your income is predictable and not solely based on the number of appointments you’ve booked but rather on the size of your patient list.
 More time
Because Eight Figure Practice by iProv takes care of all your promotion and management needs. Because your income is no longer solely based on the number of appointments in your diary, you have more time to focus on your patients and more free time to enjoy the benefits of being a successful practice owner.

We're committed to providing the best service for independent dental practices and their owners!

You've spent years and thousands becoming an expert in oral health and patient care.
We've spent years developing our understanding of marketing and promotions.

Together, we're the perfect team.
Book a call with our experts today and discover how we can grow your practice together!
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